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Solar Powers And Inverters

The ever increasing growth in the consumption of energy in the World and the limitations of fossil fuels resources, coupled with the destructive effects of consuming these energies on the environment has increased the interest all over the world to use a renewable source of energy, including solar.

In Nigeria, both the industrial sector and the citizenry are faced with the challenges of providing constant power to remote areas. There has been critical problem of epileptic power supply from the national grid, which had led to the use of alternative power generating sets (Generators).

The use of these generators by the citizenry has over the year resulted to series of fatal incidents or casualties simply by peoples inhaling carbons, released by these generators.

At NYESCO ENERGY, we design and supply Solar Electric Systems for Residential & industrial applications.

Our goal is to empower every average home and business owners to have access to basic, green & reliable electricity supply, by providing them customized, quality and tailored solar electric power systems with flexible payment plans at affordable prices.

Our technical objective has been to develop and design systems that:

  • Are fully compliant with oil & gas and telecoms operational specification.
  • Realize major reduction of diesel fuel consumption
  • provide maximum cost effective approaches
  • Ensure 24/7 highly reliable quality power including redundancy
  • Fast response service and support

We design systems that can produce continuous power for durations up to 72-hours. These are Custom designs that are developed to generate power that meet the specifications of our clients.

Our solar power & inverter-system services includes:

  • Solar power supply for residential houses
  • Solar power supply for office complexes & industrial application
  • Solar power supply for hospital and laboratories
  • Solar power supply for oil and gas facilities in remote areas
  • Solar power supply for research facilities and power-critical operations
  • Solar power supply for street lighting, security lighting and area lighting