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At Nyesco Energy, we believe that the major causes of an accident in the work place is the inability to recognize the potential hazards in the work environment; Nyesco Energy in collaboration with her international technical partners provide organization with products & systems that help them to identify, curtail and off-course, prevent such risks.

We have the capability to deploy a full turnkey solution in the following areas:

  1. Fire fighting equipment; This includes foam concentrate, fire hose, fire blanket, fire alarm system, sprinklers head, pumps etc
  2. Gas detections, heat detections and flammable detections equipment; this includes single sensor gas detector, multigas detector, fixed gas detector, UV/IR detector, radiation detector, multi channel controller and wireless gas detector etc
  3. Oil field equipment; this includes valve, pump, sprinklers, flanges, compressor, etc
  4. Communication equipment; this includes Motorola portable atex radios (Walking Talky) and accessories, Hazardous area telephones, visual signals, audible signals & devices etc.
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Nyesco Energy in collaboration with Panther Srl, Italy, Gaston Mille, France, EDC-Protection, France & FTG SAFETY SHOES – ITALY, provides full ranges of PPEs covering; Head, Hand, Body & Leg. These includes fire retardant coverall, safety shoes, safety boots, jackets, hard hat, gloves etc.
  6. General procurement sourcing and supply.

Nyesco Energy also provides and integrates multi brand solution in the field of Surveillance. We deal in all leading international brands. We do the installation of CCTV cameras (Analog / IP), DVRs, NVRs, Attendance Systems and Video Door Phones Systems (including EM Locks) etc

Range of CCTV Products / Services:

  1. Analogue CCTV Cameras : IR and Non – IR : Sales / Installations Services
  2. DVR (Digital Video Recorders) : Sales / Installations Services
  3. IP CCTV Cameras (Wires and wireless) : Sales / Installations Services
  4. Electrical Locks : Sales / Installations Services
  5. Attendance Systems : Bio Metric, Password, Card swiping etc. : Sales / Installations Services